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Do you hunt Hidden Mickeys?

Do you hunt Hidden Mickeys?

Who doesn’t love seeing Mickey Mouse?  Searching for Hidden Mickeys that are hidden all throughout Walt Disney World is a great family vacation activity.  WDWHints shows us a few examples to get you started on your hunt.

About Amy (WDW Hints)

Amy is a Disney loving Mom of two boys. She, her husband and her boys love talking about Disney World, reading about Disney World, planning for Disney World and most of all, visiting Disney World! She is a regular writer and “Pinterest Guru” for Walt Disney World Hints.
  • http://www.mouseandmemos.com/ Mouse and Memos

    I love hunting Hidden Mickeys. You have a couple in the article I haven’t found. Can’t wait to go look for them. Thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dawn.hopkins1 Dawn Hopkins Panagos

    I always mean too but I always get caught up and forget! Next time! It’s on my Disney Bucket List!!!

  • Becky Williams

    We are constantly on the lookout for hidden mickey’s both at disney and at home in our every day lives – keeps the magic going throughout the year :)

  • Stephanie

    We are hidden mickey searchers at home. I’m hoping someday we get to go down to Disney and hidden mickey search there. I cannot imagine how many there are. I’ve read people posting about them and there seem to be thousands. lol

  • Debbie F

    Last time we hinted with clues from our iphone app-i like getting a general area to look but not exactly so we still have a challenge!

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