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What’s All This Talk About Dapper Day?

What’s All This Talk About Dapper Day?

Imagine a world where taking a day trip to Disney is an elegant affair, comparable to going to the opera, enjoying the finest dining, or even a fabulous party on a millionaire’s yacht. Imagine that you really need to dress to impress for the occasion. Perhaps you will run into friends or neighbors that will be as sharply dressed as you are. Imagine a walk through Disney parks being just as beautiful and exciting as the concept art that Herb Ryman created. Now let’s take a trip together and be reminded what some of this art actually looked like. Come with me to Disneyways.com and let’s divulge further into the event called “Dapper Day” and where it came from. Find out why this may be one of the most fun, GLOBALLY celebrated, unofficial Disney events in history.

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