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Info For Bloggers and Website Owners

What is it?

Mousekejournals is a directory and collaborative blog dedicated to helping Disney themed websites, Facebook Pages, or blogs. Article marketing is a very powerful marketing technique to draw traffic to your site as well as increase your search engine rankings. We work to help promote and grow your website, not compete against it. We do this in a couple ways.

First, Mousekejournals offers a secondary platform for publishing blog articles. For those that do not have a blog or simply would like to publish articles outside of their existing blog, they can do so on Mousekejournals. Publishing articles outside of your own website is incredibly valuable as it allows you to reach a different audience, gain exposure, and bring more direct traffic to your site.

Second, by participating with Mousekejournals, published articles serve as valuable inbound links to your website, blog and blog articles that help improve your search engine ranking. For example, if you have an article titled, “My Favorite Meal at Magic Kingdom” – inbound links to that article directly offer search engine ranking value. Inbound links from a website with similar style content (i.e.: Disney) that use similar keywords are very valuable. As Mousekejournals grows, those links back to your site should increase in value as well. Check out our page on SEO and inbound links.

Third, we intend to reach a larger (or at least different) audience than you’re already reaching. Between visitors on the site, FB fans, and Twitter followers, we expect that some of those people will be not be following your site directly and offer you some exposure to a new viewer base.

Fourth, we will allow site advertisers some extra promotion and exposure. More on that in a minute.

Who can be a member?

Membership, including article submissions, is free to anyone who would like to participate. We are not limiting who can be a member, however there are a couple requirements:

  • You must promote Mousekejournals on FB at least two (2) times a month.
  • You must submit either two (2) unique 75 word blog summaries or one (1) unique blog article to the site per month.

More shout outs on Facebook, Twitter and putting a link/badge on your site will earn you some big brownie points. Currently, those things aren’t required though. Requirements are subject to change at any time, but you will be notified.

A Special Note for Travel Agents
Clarification of labels. Travel Agent Members: people that submit to the site just like everyone else and have a free “Mousekejournals membership”. Travel Agent Advertisers: those that pay for ad spots on the site.

Travel Agent Members – in your articles and author bios, you can mention you a Travel Agent and list your website for contact information. You can submit as many articles and summaries to be published on Mousekejournals as you want, but you can not discuss services, travel/trip specials or discounts, etc in your articles or profiles. Mousekejournals will not mention those types of things on the Facebook pages either. You will still get the benefit of having the articles on the Mousekejournals website (with benefits that come from that like extra traffic, readers, back links, FB mentions, etc). You should note that at any time there may be other Travel Agent members AND that other Travel Agents can purchase ad space on the website at any time. Those ads will be presented on pages where your articles are.

Travel Agent Advertisers – you can purchase ad space that will be displayed on every page. There will be a variety of ad placements, packages, and pricing options. Each of your banner ads on Mousekejournals will go to a single website URL of your choice.

How do I submit content?

For information about submitting content to Mousekejournals, please contact us on our contact page.

*** Please note, we will not post any submissions regarding giveaways or contests due to their limited life span. ***

Advertising Options?

See more details here: advertising options.

If you have any questions at all, please let Jon know.

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