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Submit an Article Summary

Use this form to submit an article summary. Please make sure to enter ALL information including link to the article, which picture to use and make sure summaries are at least 75 words or more. Article submission is only accepted for Mousekejournals members. If you are not a member, please contact us.

If you would like to submit a full article, please send it to articles [at] mousekejournals.com.

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Article Title
Must be slightly different than the full article title

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Full URL to the article on your website

Date Published
The day your article was or will be published. Helps us better position when to schedule your summary

Article Summary (Min 75 words)
Average of 5-6 sentances

Describe one photo from article or include URL path

Anything we need to know about the post: specific line to use as the link, if the summary is time sensitive, etc.

Summaries not meeting all requirements may not be posted.


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