It’s Disney World! Nothing Scary There! WRONG!

By Tabitha

It’s the world’s happiest place on earth, Disney World! Why nothing there could be scary! Well, I have come to tell you just because it is the happiest place on earth does not mean everything is appropriate for all children.

I want to tell you about what might frighten young children. If you are like me, I have a child who use to (and still does at times) gets frightened by things easily. Are there rides, shows and restaurants that might scare your child? YES! While every child is different, and you know your child the best, there are things that could scare them. This DOES NOT include rides that have drops that might scare your kids. If your child doesn’t like roller coasters, I suggest looking at those on YouTube before you get them on one.

Here is my list and if I have forgotten something, please list it in the comments section. Most of these we have first hand experience with. I will try to describe what can scare the kids (our experience) and if you are still unsure, go to YouTube and check out the “ride” and shows. …read more

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