Introducing Your Baby To Disney

By Amanda For us, our baby was introduced to Disney while I was still carrying her in my belly. Our maternity photo’s included her very first set of Mickey…or rather Minnie Ears. Her nursery was decorated with the iconic Cinderella Castle, with just a bit of Pixie Dust thrown in. Many of her infant clothes were adorned were some our favorite characters (and hopefully hers someday too). Her very first trip to Walt Disney World was on our Babymoon; and then again 10 months later we got see her squeal with delight over the Christmas parade. My husband and I have never questioned that Disney would be a part of her life.
For me it’s more than trips to the park or some licensed character apparel. For me I want her to believe, as long as possibly, that Fairytales do come true. I want her to believe in this magical place where you can leave everything behind and fly with Dumbo, Soar over California, watch kitchen appliances sing and dance. I want her to have the magic in her. As she gets older, I also want her to understand why it is we love Disney (when so …read more

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