Graduation Celebration – Transportation

By Amanda A hot topic around here is always transportation! Today I want to talk about transportation in regards to your Disney Cruise. This will be focused mainly on Port Canaveral but I will touch on Miami as well as Vancouver.

Let’s start with Port Canaveral as that is the most popular cruise destination! There are a few options!

Option #1
It’s HIGHLY recommended that you fly in the night before your cruise JUST IN CASE. Option #1 is the most preferable and logistically the easiest….stay at Disney! By staying at Disney resort you’ll be able to take advantage of Disney’s free transfers to your hotel from the airport. Spend the afternoon/evening hanging out at Downtown Disney or resort hopping (if you want to save money by not buying a theme park ticket).

No need to spurge! Spend the night at a value resort!
To get to the cruise you have two options:
A) Use Disney for your cruise transfers. These will cost you $35 per person but Disney will handle everything! They’ll take your bags at your resort and the next time you’ll see them is at your stateroom. They’ll handle the driving, pick you up and …read more

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