Downtown Disney aka Disney Springs

By Tabitha

Laurie brings us news on Disney Springs…….

Over the next year you will see changes occuring at Downtown Disney (DTD). Eventually at Planet Hollywood will be the anchor for Town Center shopping district that connects to Marketplace. This connecting path will be the easiest way across DTD as Pleasure Island aka The Landing is a hill with some steep paths across and up from Raglan Road, Portobello, and Westside. The alternatives are the ferries and eventually the second bus stop. Eventually there will be a second bus stop at Planet Hollywood just to the east of the current parking garage. Any trips to DTD requires planning of transportation due to the hills, crowds, and limited means of transportation. I recommend walking to one end then taking a ferry back especially if you have disabled guests or children.

Westside has space for two new stores and maybe some cosmetic changes in the future to tie Westside to the Disney Springs theme. The Food Truck park and the hub in front of Starbucks and Harley Davidson are two areas that have entertainment that may vary as well as the new park near the Boathouse. Planet Hollywood will become The Observatory and will have construction …read more

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