Dial® Baby and Dial® Kids Product Giveaway!

By Terri

The Dial® brand is expanding its product scope and has children and babies in mind! Developed with pediatric dermatologists, Dial® has developed a Body + Hair Wash for babies as well as a hand soap for kids that are hypoallergenic, contain no added parabens and no artificial dyes. These products are great for kids with sensitive skin!

Dial® Baby Body + Hair Wash Review

The Dial® Baby body + hair wash worked well on my son. It provided a nice lather in his hair, and got him clean! What I found interesting is that it’s fragrance-free. I was recently in a group setting and the question “What is the smell of clean?” was asked. Answers thrown out included “Lysol, bleach, the ‘clean linen’ fragrance.” But in reality, the smell of clean shouldn’t have a scent or smell at all! If something is truly clean it won’t have an odor or a fragrance! Many shampoos have added fragrances – which, I certainly do find appealing – but do small children, with potentially sensitive skin really need the added fragrance and added ingredients at their age? That’s a decision each parent can make on their own. But I’m pleased the Dial® brand offers a …read more

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