Finley Elizabeth

By Amanda Well sweet baby of mine, whether I want to believe it or not, you are ONE. In a tradition I started with your big sister, and one I hope you both will enjoy in years to come, this letter is for you.

We always knew we wanted at least 2 children. We had fears that we would have an easy time getting pregnant again, but those were easily laid to rest. I shocked Daddy when he came home from work and Kennedy had on a Big Sister shirt! We were over the moon!

You sure gave me a run for my money though…my morning sickness was so horrible! You also craved Mexican a lot…not a good combination!

Just like your big sister, your first trip to Disney was while you were still in my belly!

My pregnancy was FAIRLY uneventful and before I knew it, your birthday was here! We wanted to make sure you had the best birthday ever and had long talks with the Dr. about making sure everything was perfect. We couldn’t wait to see you!

You were perfect! 8lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long
You weren’t quite ready to leave the hospital though …read more

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