By Tabitha

Laurie gives us the skinny on the new changes for the dining plan starting tomorrow. The first major issue with the dining plan was with what guests cannot and will not eat. Picky eaters, vegans and vegetarians, diabetics, small eaters, allergies, medical diets, religious diets, pharmaceutical diets, and other factors made the dining plans not right for guests. Not all children can live on burgers and macaroni nor can they finish meals. I skip dessert most time as there is nothing I can eat. Vegans often had few or no dessert options.

The second major issue was the rules. How and what rules were in place and were enforced depended on restaurant/resort/merchant management, site managers, and employees. Now we have an easier way of dealing with things and it is clearly stated.

General Rules

1. Snacks and drinks in stores, restaurants, kiosks, and vendors do NOT applie to souvenir containers, glow cubes, alcoholic beverages, alcoholic snacks, and anything containing more than one serving. One cannot use as a snack credit for the sandpail sundae, souvenir cups, souvenir mugs, clip on lights on cups, and popcorn buckets. The serving size varies at WDW. That 10 ounce bag of chips is not a snack credit.
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