Olivia’s — Breakfast — Table Service — Old Key West

By Sarah

*This dining experience took place in May 2015.

Olivia’s located in Disney’s Old Key West Resort is one of those restaurants I love to dine at. With a charming atmosphere and relaxing vibe, you’ll feel like you are in Key West any time you dine here.

In fact, I’ve dined here so much, the chefs and servers tend to recognize me. The team here is known for remembering faces of frequent Disney Vacation Club vacationers, and I’m sure as a special diets diner they remember you even more. After we arrived, we were greeted by Chef Corey who said, “You’ve been here a bunch of times before, haven’t you?” Why yes, yes, I have!

Because I’ve been there many times, I knew exactly what I wanted. The poached eggs and hash have been a staple of mine for the last several times I’ve visited. I love sweet potatoes and hash, plus poached eggs. Well, those are a win-wins for me. The only thing I can’t get with this dish is the Hollondaise sauce, which isn’t a huge loss for me, given how tasty everything else in this entree is.

In addition to the hash and poached eggs, I …read more

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