Top 10 Tips for Cruising Gluten Free on the Disney Cruise Line

By Sarah

Sailing away on a cruise ship is a great way to get away from it all, and with a Disney Cruise Line cruise it’s a chance to enjoy the magic of Disney without stepping foot in the parks. The Disney Parks & Resorts are known for being one of the

10. Make sure to note your dietary needs on your reservation

Even before you set sail, you can alert the Disney Cruise Line of your gluten free needs. Your online reservation form will accept a variety of special dietary needs, just like the reservations for Disney World dining. Noting your gluten free needs on your reservation is another excellent way to make sure the DCL cast members are well-prepared for your cruise. If you’re booking with a Disney vacation planner, like Practically Perfect Vacations, they can assist you by noting the special dietary needs for you!

9. Check out reviews and blogs before your cruise

Reading reviews from fellow gluten free cruisers is a great way to see what dining options you will have on your upcoming Disney Cruise. Bloggers like Alexis from Gluten Free in Orlando have reviews of multiple cruise experiences which can be a great …read more

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