Great Movie Ride Changes and Rebel Hangar Review

By Tabitha

Laurie brings us her take on the changes at The Great Movie Ride along with her review of the Rebel Hangar.

The biggest changes are the opening and closing montages. I was not able to stay long enough to see all of the opening sequence in the waiting area but you can find online, the opening montage. The closing montage was too fast for me as I prefer to savor the clips and remember those moments. GOOD MORNING VIETNAM has remained as are some of the best ones from the past. Added were Frozen, Rapunzel, Bruce and Nemo from Finding Nemo, and the Incredibles as well as modern classics like new scenes Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Guardians of the Galaxy. As before, it is fast moving, and best seen on YouTube. The montage now focuses on themes and genres, as well as, gets rid of some violent images like the chariot crash. Robert Osborne does a fine job narrating.

TCM is the new sponsor so you will find “The Great Movie Ride Presented by TCM” on posters that replaced most of the old posters such as Titanic. A new tag is “presented by TCM” that can be found at the …read more

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