Selfie Sticks at Amusement Parks

By Tabitha

Good advice from Laurie on selfie sticks. Remember to enjoy your time with your loved ones……

There is word that the selfie sticks are banned from all WDW rides and attractions. I (Laurie) did a search of the WDW site and have found no such rules listed. However, selfie sticks are covered under ride rules that are not made public. On Kali River Rapids, one is to stow ALL gear which means selfie sticks. They retrieve lots of cameras that fall overboard when guests try to take pictures even back before the selfie stick was invented. Tower of Terror requires gear to be stowed yet every night they scrape up the remains of phones and cameras.

No selfie stick was harmed.

Signs are going up that prohibit selfie sticks. Greeters are going to be trained to remind guests about selfie sticks if they see them. Greeters will not hunt for selfie sticks. Selfie sticks will be treated like cameras, canes, crutches, hats, and anything else that can and will go flying on a ride. If they say stow gear then you have to stow your selfie stick. If they tell you to hold on with both hands, then put away your selfie …read more

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