Treasure These Moments, Moms

By Heidi

It’s June 15th. We’re 1/2 way through the month of June – summer has not even “officially” started, but the kids around here have been out of school for a little over a week now.

And, already I’ve heard several moms commenting about how they can’t wait for school to start . . . they can’t wait ’til their kids are back in school . . . they don’t know how they’re going to make it through the summer.

Let me tell you about my day:
Ashley has gone off to work her full-time job. She’s 21 now – an adult, with adult aspirations and adult responsibilities. It seems like just yesterday I was making the decision to try homeschooling her.
Gracie is spending the week at a Jazz Camp in Toledo, OH. A week . . . away from home . . . without me. Not just a weekend – a whole WEEK! She’s getting ready to start her junior year of high school. Yet, it feels like just yesterday that I was taking her to her first piano lesson.
Ian has Day Camp at our church this week. That means he’ll be gone …read more

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