Seize the Day

By Heidi

Today is Gracie’s 15th birthday. Yesterday I was waxing nostalgic about how it seems like just yesterday that I took Gracie to her first piano lesson. Today, she is celebrating her birthday away from home – at jazz camp – where she’s learning how to play jazz piano. Yesterday she sent me a text about her audition and I had no idea what she was talking about. Jazz is a new endeavor for us, so I went to The Great Courses and ordered Elements of Jazz so that I can acclimate myself! I have to do my homework to keep up with this one!

Last week, I introduced you to a new series of posts that I’ll be sharing on my blog. Gracie and I are embarking on a #2yrmusicaljourney that will take us back in time and around the world as we study the great musicals. (Be sure to follow our hashtag as we share our adventures on social media also, in real time.)

Here is my Facebook status from last Thursday afternoon:

And therein lies Part 2 of our Musical Journey.

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