Garden Update – Week 3

By Heidi

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to our little garden. We’ve had a lot of rain the past few weeks. A LOT. So much so that I’m surprised our garden hasn’t been flooded out (since it is planted at a low area of our back yard). But, so far, the garden is (for the most part) thriving. I thought it would be fun to share an update . . .

Week 3

This year, we’ve got 2 long rows of potatoes. The plants have grown quite a lot in the past 3 weeks, so I’m hoping that the little potatoes are thriving underground just as well as the part we see above the surface. (All the rain leaves me a little skeptical, but we shall see.) Last year, we tried our hand at sweet potatoes for the first time. We got some HUGE potatoes, but we found ourselves at a loss of different ways to prepare them. They certainly came in handy for Thanksgiving (as one potato was more than enough to make an entire sweet potato casserole!) We decided to skip the sweet potatoes this year. Maybe …read more

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