Kennedy Turns 4

By Amanda It’s that time again…I’ve put it off until the last minute (which face it, it’s when my writing is the best). Right now I hear the sounds of a little girl too excited to sleep, because tomorrow she turns 4. Didn’t she just turn

You got your first big girl bed and I’m not sure if you were more excited about the bed or the Frozen mural on the wall. You adapted so well…as you always do.

You’ve always loved princesses and that hasn’t changed…although you think you are a REAL princess and seem to absorb their best qualities.

But it doesn’t hurt to be a little girly now and again 🙂

And despite the fact that you have yet to see Star Wars…you have a thing for Darth Vadar.

You had your first Big Girl trip to Disney and you surprise me remember EVERY detail! You constantly talk about the things we did, how much fun you had and you never forget to remind me how much you miss it.

You have such a personality. You are a true actress and are always ON…eager to make people laugh and …read more

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