Touring Florida’s Unique Destinations

By Heidi

With everything that it has going on, Florida is a favorite destination for travelers and tourists. The Sunshine State is famous for its warm weather and tropical climate. Even in the coldest winter months, Northern residents can escape the annual snow and ice by traveling to the Southernmost tip of the nation’s East coast.

The pleasant weather isn’t the only reason to go to Florida. A tour through the most popular regions presents opportunities to shop, play, and rest that are unlike any other. Florida offers a diverse array of attractions; and each city has its own unique character. You will find some of the largest theme parks in the country and a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. Florida is also home to some of the best sporting franchises as well.

The entire state extends off of the mainland of the continent, and the peninsula is only 160 miles across at its widest point. No matter where you go, the beach is not far away. Even from the exact center, the ocean is still always close enough to reach by car to justify spending a day in the sand. The close proximity to aquatic life supports some of the best seafood …read more

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