The top five things I’m excited about for Disneyland!

By Sophie E. The Disneyland Resort invites you to enjoy all it has to share!

{Editor’s Note: Sophie joins us today to talk about the things that she is most excited about for our upcoming trip to California!}

Sophie: Hi Guys! Long time no see! Well, today I’ve got a guest with me! World of Disney, meet Mr. Reporter.

Reporter: you can call me “Image” Sophie. (It’s short for “Imaginary”)

Sophie: Ok then, “‘Image’ Reporter” every body! On with the interview!

Image: What are your top five hopes about California?

Sophie: I made a bucket list:

Seeing one of my two best friends, Jagan, in person again!
Seeing World of Color and trying to convince my mom to let us stand in the “Wet Zone.”
Going back to DODGER STADIUM!!!!!
Two words: Thrift. Shopping.
Going to the San Diego Zoo!

Image: Now, I notice that only one of your top five has something to do with Disney. Why is that?

Sophie: Unlike Walt Disney World, Disneyland is small. In my opinion, you could get through every thing the parks have to offer in a day. And you’ll find, that the distance between Disneyland and the California Adventure is a mere 100 yards. So, my family decided that we would …read more

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