I’m Heidi and I Wear Graphic Tees

By Heidi

Last week, my friend Meg wrote this rebuttal to a post that’s apparently been making its rounds on the internet (in which a young chick tells us 30+ women about all the things that we shouldn’t be wearing). I confess, I did do a search to find said post (because I’m nosy, what can I say?) Honestly, most of the stuff she mentioned didn’t really affect me. But, there was that one thing . . . she said that women over 30 shouldn’t wear graphic tees!

I have to admit, that got my hackles up a bit. Why? Well, maybe this says it best:

Just the other week, I cleaned out my t-shirt drawers (yes, plural!) I discovered a new way to fold them so that I could fit MORE in the drawers, which also equates to better rotation of the shirts since I can see them all at a glance (rather than having to dig).

What you don’t see in this picture is the stack of t-shirts that’s in my closet (most of the graphic tees we’ve designed for our Disney trips over the years – and, yes, we wear them at home …read more

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