Host Your Own Inside Out Party!

By Terri

With a family of Disney fanatics, it’s no surprise that birthday parties often take on a Disney theme. But when the opening weekend of Inside Out just happened to coincide with my daughter’s birthday, we were beyond excited. We immediately decided to host the party at the movie theater and invite all her friends to see the movie with us. But what about decor? Party favors? Cake?

Of course, there are Inside Out themed paper plates, napkins, and cups available in almost any party supply store out there. So that part was easy. But for the rest I headed to my absolute favorite party supplier – Etsy! If you haven’t discovered Etsy yet, drop what you’re doing and go immediately to An online resource for all things handmade, this place is a mecca for Disney fans.

My first stop was at FlamingoRoadJournals where my girl Janey has been making me customized and personalized autograph books for quite a while. She hooked me up with these adorable custom made journals. I added a mood ring and – tada! The perfect party favor for a tween girl!

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