Help us Bring Back “Match the Species”!

By Amy

Earlier this June, Zuri’s Sweets Shop in Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened with a great buzz going through the Disney community. This was no ordinary bakery! This sweet shop featured “Match the Species” treats, chocolates shaped like different types of animal poop. What a fun and unique idea. Local Disney fans were quick to blog about the “poop” while fans around the world talked about how excited they were to “taste the poop” on their next trip.

Within a week, reports came in that the poop had be “scooped” and was no longer available. Disney received complaints so they removed the treats. An uproar was heard around the Disney community! Don’t let a few complaints ruin something so fun!

We’re petitioning the Walt Disney Company to BRING BACK THE POOP! We all know it’s just in good fun and we’d all love the chance to taste it and see it at Zuri’s Sweets Shop. We hope you will help us share our excitement for this fun treat!

We hope you’ll sign here!

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