Cheap Things to do in Central PA Part 2

By Heidi

Last week, I shared a list of Cheap Things to do in Central PA with an under $10 admission price. This week, we’ll bump that up to under $20. This list is based on the REGULAR ADULT ADMISSION PRICE (kids – and often seniors – will be cheaper). I will list all prices below.

Also, be sure to check out my list of FREE Things to do in Central PA also.

Factory Tours
Hershey’s Chocolate World & Hershey’s Trolley Works

I listed Hershey’s Chocolate World on my FREE list also, because the factory tour ride IS free. However, if you want to fully immerse yourself in the chocolate world, it’s going to cost you. So, I’m adding the “full experience” to this list as well.

I confess, we mostly only go for the free tour. As you can see by the prices below, a full immersion trip for a full family is going to get pretty costly! However, if you live locally, it might be worth adding just one of these extra-cost adventures to your visit occasionally. I’ve always wanted to check out the trolley ride – so that’s near the top of our personal …read more

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