Get Ready for Periscope!

By Mike Ellis

Hello everyone! Welcome to Periscope — at least, the My Dreams of Disney section of Periscope! It is absolutely crazy, but in 9 days we will be in California for #Disneyland60! I absolutely can’t wait for this trip, it is one that I have been looking forward to for a long time! To make it even more special, I am going to be using the Periscope app to transmit parts of our visit — especially on Friday, July 17, 2015, the birthday of Disneyland — to all of you via Periscope!

I am very new to this, so in all likelihood, I’m going to look foolish, or it will crash and burn or something like that. But that’s okay!

I invite all of you to install the Periscope app on either your iOS or Android device, and follow me! To make the most use of Periscope, you need to have a Twitter account — if you have one, you can follow me @Mickey_MDOD. Lastly, I have made one broadcast, so if you wish to take a look at it, you can view my first Periscope broadcast here. I’ve …read more

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