9 MORE Favorite Movies

By Heidi

2 weeks ago, I shared a list of 9 of my favorite movies to watch over and over again. After I posted that list, my mind kept spinning and I kept thinking of more and more movies that should have been added to that original list. So, I thought I’d just go ahead and create a part 2.

3 Men and a Baby

(1987) This one has (obviously) been a long-time favorite as it was made while I was still in high school! We owned this movie on VHS tape and watched it over and over again. To this day, we find ourselves quoting lines from it – ones like “It doesn’t matter what you read. It’s the tone you use.”

This movie is just good, old-fashioned comedy relief! We’ve since introduced it to our kids, who also think it’s funny. And, while the “ghost boy” thing is nothing more than legend, it’s still fun to try to spot him while watching the movie.

NOTE: The follow-up, 3 Men and a Little Lady is also a really cute movie.

Father of the Bride

(1991) Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love this movie? …read more

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