In Praise of Maytag

By Heidi

Yesterday I did something really stupid. As in, I was pretty sure I destroyed my washing machine and would be heading out to purchase a new one today. I’ll get to my stupidity in a minute; but first, the backstory . . .

Why I Have a Maytag Washer

Many years ago, when Brian and I were first married, we purchased a Maytag washer and dryer set from some friends of my parents. Because the washer leaked and they had it in a main floor laundry area, they wanted to replace it and sold us the set for $25. We were putting it in our basement, right beside the drain hole, so we weren’t concerned about the leaking.

A few months later, we had some flooding in our basement and the washer was ruined. We went out and replaced it with another Maytag washer.

The dryer, however, lasted for many, many more years. We replaced it a few years back – with another brand – and have had numerous issues with it over the years.

The washer isn’t perfect. There are many occasions when I need to run it through the spin cycle …read more

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