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Ashley and I have a mutual agreement . . . whenever she owes me money for anything, she “pays” be treating me to a meal out. The other week, we hit up a local OIP restaurant on our way to grab some groceries. I had just had a tooth pulled so was looking for something a bit softer than our typical pizza or an Italian sub.

So, I checked out the pasta menu and finally decided on Manicotti. Boy, am I glad I did. It was fabulous. (And, it’s a good thing too, because the salad they brought out to me an an appetizer was pretty pathetic – only lettuce and tomatoes, and I HATE tomatoes.) But, the Manicotti made up for what the salad lacked. It was perfectly flavored with just the right amount of sauce (which is probably too much, since I’m a sauce freak!) and the bread on the side was even softer than normal (it’s like they knew I was having chewing issues!)

Anyway, I’d recommend this meal (just don’t get too excited about the …read more

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