Disney Date Night

By Heidi

Thanks for riding along with Magical Blogorail ORANGE today. We’re talking about our Ideal Disney Date Nights.

The thought of a Date Night at Walt Disney World seems like a bit of a pipe dream for me. We always travel with our kids, and don’t even really think of taking the time away from them. Back in 2009, we did travel with friends and we took turns taking a night out without kids (while the other couple stayed back at the rental house with all the kids). Brian and I headed to Downtown Disney, got ice cream sundaes at Ghiradelli’s, and walked around Downtown Disney browsing the shops. It was fun, but not necessarily my “ideal” date night.

My kids are getting older now, and it’s not really out of the scope of reality to consider actually having a date night at Disney on a future trip. So, as my wheels are turning, I’m trying to think of what might constitute a special date night for me . . .

I’m not really all that romantic. My tastes are pretty simple. So, fancy dining isn’t really all that appealing to me (and my hubby …read more

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