DIY Dog Food Storage Containers

By Heidi

This idea is SO simple that I’m almost ashamed to share it. But, then again, maybe someone as equally unimaginative as I will benefit from it. So, here goes . . .

The Backstory

We have two small dogs. Dog food is normally more economical to buy in larger bags. Those bags tend to last quite a long time at our house. They are stored on our back porch/mudroom. In the past, we’ve filled small containers with food to keep near their bowls for ease of feeding.

A few months ago, I went looking for real dog food storage containers. But, the cheapskate in me couldn’t justify the pricetag. So, I opted for cheaper storage containers.

They’re actually really nice containers, and I think I paid about $4 a piece for them. But, they are not really convenient for dog food. As you can see, you lift a flap on each side in order to take off the lid. I normally just lift one side, but it’s still awkward. I had them sitting on a tray table (not all that sturdy). And every time I feed the dogs, …read more

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