Molten Chocolate Cake

By Heidi My favorite food this week: Molten Chocolate Cake





Heidi Says . . .

A few weeks ago, I bribed Gracie into riding along with me to a doctor’s appointment in Harrisburg. She’s fairly easy to bribe if there is food involved; so I told her she could pick the restaurant. She picked Chili’s; so there were no complaints from me! When I entered my phone number for my Chili’s Points, I realized that I had enough points to get a FREE DESSERT! So, once again, I left the choice up to Gracie and she chose the Molten Chocolate Cake. (Ashley would always pick one of the skillet cookie sundaes, so this was a neat change of pace.)

This dessert was delicious and plenty enough for two. We both had light lunches that day – had we had bigger meals, we probably couldn’t have finished this dessert.

What’s your favorite thing to eat at Chili’s?

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