WDW Arcades

By Tabitha

This past year saw an end to WDW arcade games that feature gambling. It is considered in Florida a form of gambling when a person pays to play a game in hope of winning something. Most common is the claw machine seen in Toy Story. These games too often are rigged by vendors or have such low odds that winning is impossible. Also removed where any games that offered prizes such as Skee Ball.

WDW arcades use a point system with games activated by a card that can be refilled and can be shared by family members. Price is 1.25 to 2 cents per point. Games that I saw ran from 15 to 80 points. Guests must plan their purchases as the cheapest rate is the $25 card. 25 purchases of $1 each gives you just 1,250 points compared to the one purchase that gives you 2,000 points.

Old games like Pac Man start at 15 points and go up to 80 points for an ESPN racing game. Kiddie games can hit 50 points, pinball machines at 50 or 60 points, and most racing games that are not the elite are 60 points. I am an old gamer who played pinball back …read more

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