Prayers for the Week – RIP Uncle Walter

By Mike Ellis

Today, over at our Prayers for the Week site, we remember Cindy’s Uncle Walter, who passed away last week. He was a good man, a firefighter, a charter member of the Woodland, NC Volunteer Fire Department, and he served on the force for well over 60 years. He leaves behind his children, Walter Jr. and Jane, their spouses, and two grand children, as well as countless friends and family who miss him and his presence in the community.

Please read and pray with us over on our sister site, and remember them in your prayers this week and in the weeks to come. It’s hard to replace a man like Uncle Walter, but God will do just that and more for His children that are left here on earth to continue the struggle. For now, RIP Uncle Walter — we know that God’s plan for you was completed, and that you are receiving your Heavenly Reward.

Thank you for stopping by, please click over and pray with us, and feel add your prayer requests to our list so we can pray with you. Anonymous requests are welcome if you wish to do so. …read more

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