7 Savannah Attractions For Fans of “The Book”

By Heidi

I am not familiar with the book, but fans of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt know that Savannah is the backdrop for both the book and movie version of the story. All the places listed below are real places that you can visit during a trip to Savannah, GA. Book a room in one of Savannah’s hotels to get close to the attractions listed below and enjoy a vacation focused on your love of literature.

1. Mercer House

Most of the action in “The Book” (as locals have dubbed Berendt’s work) takes place in the Mercer House, and the property was used to film the movie as well. A museum now occupies the building to give visitors a glimpse at the rooms featured in scenes of the movie.

photo credit: Mercer House, Savannah, GA via photopin (license)

2. Lee and Emma Adler House

Remember that feud between Lee Adler and Mercer House owner Jim Williams? You can glimpse Adler’s house across the street from the Mercer House.

3. Hamilton-Turner Inn

The house became famous after the book was published, and the Hamilton-Turner house was turned into a luxurious inn located in a charming, picturesque part of …read more

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