Why Ashley Said “No” to a Political Career

By Heidi

I’ve been going through some of the older posts on my blog (the oldest of which were transferred here from another blog). It’s funny how blogging has evolved over the years. Many of my old posts contain no pictures; and now a blog post without pictures is virtually unheard of. When blogging first came to be, it was literally an online journal. Pictures were a plus, but certainly not necessary.

Anyway, I came across some posts from the Spring of 2007 that I thought would be fun to repost. Maybe it will encourage you to look into a similar opportunity for your child.

Ashley as a Guest Page

(Originally posted on April 24, 2007)

Today Ashley had the opportunity of spending the day at our State Capitol building~ serving as a Guest Page to our State Representative Adam Harris. PA’s capitol building is one of the most beautiful capitol buildings in all of the US.

This morning, Ashley and her friend actually got to sit in on Session~ she brought home a video showing them being introduced as Representative Harris’ guests. They also got to attend a few meetings with him this morning. …read more

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