5 Tips for Preparing to Attend the D23 Expo

By Grace

Because we are so ridiculously cool over here at WDWHints, we get to send one of our people to the D23 Expo (Friday, August 14th-Sunday, August 16th) in order to cover the event. And, you guessed it, “one of our people” means me. Grace. OHMAAYGAAWSH.

So. What I learned last time (when I covered the event in 2013) is that going to conventions is, like, really hard. I just showed up on Saturday with no plan in mind and sort of ended up wandering around alone taking pictures. The 2013 Expo was my first convention ever, and I would like to just put it out there that it was super humbling and I could have done much better. This is why I’m very excited to be given another chance, since now I feel like I know exactly what to do and what not to do.

I’m also going to tell you what I know so that you can feel comfortable that you will get to do the things you’re excited about next time you go to a convention (whether it’s D23 in a couple weeks, or Comic Con, or whatever. There really are so many now that it’s hard to keep track.) …read more

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