Making Learning Fun Again with Innovative Changes

By Heidi

Politicians and educational leaders continue to debate about how to improve the nation’s schools. With high school drop out rates holding steady and fewer people even attempting to finish their freshman year in college, educational insiders propose new and innovative ways to help students learn and excite them again about being in school in the first place. While acceptance of these new educational innovations proves to be slow, advocates (including those who agree with the ideas of proponents like Elizabeth English Archer) offer several strong arguments to convince those resistant to the ideas to consider and embrace these changes.

As Archer notes, few students get excited about having to sit through a lecture or being talked at by the teacher. They dread taking notes and having to regurgitate what is merely spoken to them in a typical classroom session. As soon as, and in some cases even before, they take the standardized test, they dismiss this lectured information to make way for the next round of information they are expected to learn for the next round of tests. This monotony of learning makes students resistant to staying school any longer than they must.

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