From Oklahoma to the South Pacific

By Heidi

It has been a busy summer around here. For Gracie, that busyness has included lots and lots of music. Since Jazz Camp, she’s been spending a lot of time at the high school, hanging out with the band. She even tried her hand at marching with the bass drum – but that only lasted one day! She’s marched in a few parades, carrying the American flag (which we think is ironic, considering she was born in Vietnam, but oh well!) She got to try her hand at playing piano with the Jazz Band at a local event. And she and a cellist friend provided music for a local winery event this past weekend.

Anyway, since we “officially” started our school year yesterday, I thought it was high time that I take a moment to update everyone on the 2 Year Musical Journey that we have embarked on. If you’ve missed the first two posts, you can visit them here:

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I will also be adding some posts related to some of the products that we’ll be using the supplement and enhance our musical journey. My …read more

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