Discovering Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Hidden Gems

By Terri

“Adventure is Out There!”

Stepping into a Disney Park opens the door to so many possibilities. For many of us, that first door leads us straight to the most popular attraction in the park that promises that satisfying adrenaline rush. While I certainly recommend hitting those big ticket attractions, I also suggest channeling your inner “Wilderness Explorer” and embarking on a new adventure down an unfamiliar path. Disney’s Animal Kingdom has so much to be explored that you probably didn’t even notice some of these hidden gems tucked away in plain sight. The next time you’re in the park, try taking the road less traveled by visiting some of these lesser known areas:

Just past the park entrance lies an area full of life called The Oasis. Many guests race through The Oasis on their way into the park, but there are so many fascinating animals to observe. Be sure to look for:

Giant Anteater- 6 feet long from head to tail with a 2 foot tongue!
Reeve’s Muntjac- Bambi lovers will love these cute, tiny deer.
African and Roseate Spoonbills- You might mistake them for flamingos until you notice their spoon-shaped bills.

As you make your way to the park’s icon, The Tree of …read more

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