3 Ways to Find Cheap Hotels in Alexandria

By Heidi

The city of Alexandria in Virginia has a lot to offer travelers and residents alike. Some individuals travel to the city to see the inspiring exhibits at the National Inventors Hall of Fame or to witness artists at work in the Torpedo Factory Art Center. Cameron Run Regional Park, the Alexandria Archaeology Museum, the bike trails along the Potomac and nearby Mount Vernon are just a sampling of the other things that draw visitors to Alexandria. Naturally, most visitors want to find affordable hotels in Alexandria. Fortunately, there are a few ways to go about finding the best deals on hotels for a visit to this historical city.

photo credit: Alexandria, Virginia via photopin (license)

A Traveler-Friendly Website

One convenient way to find affordable lodgings in Alexandria is to consult a travel website such as Hipmunk. A traveler-friendly website can provide rate comparisons for many hotels in and around Alexandria. All visitors have to do is specify the type of room, as well as the amenities, they are interested in. For instance, one visitor may want to stay in a hotel with a fitness room, a pool, and a spa, while another person simply wants a hotel with …read more

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