5 Great Tourist Stops in Columbus, OH

By Heidi

We have great friends who live in Ohio and we like to visit with them occasionally (when we can fit the trip into our schedule). There is so much to see and do out there that it’s hard to decide what we want to do and when. As one of the cities on the cusp of greatness, Columbus, Ohio is experiencing growth in the travel industry. The area is becoming a hotbed of activity for sports-minded tourists, music lovers, and families looking for alternative destinations. For travelers trying to learn more about Columbus, many online travel guides, like Hipmunk, are loaded with information on the location. Plus, visitors trying to decide which of many Columbus hotels can fit their unique needs can get a sparkling overview of the different options available.

Like many cities, Columbus has a number of interesting and informative activities that can satisfy the curiosity of just about any type of traveler.

American Whistle Corporation

As the only manufacturer of metal whistles in the United States, the American Whistle Corporation provides guided tours that are sure to fascinate every member of the travel party. The tours take less than an hour and provide insight …read more

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