Grease is the Word …

By Heidi

Since beginning our 2 Year Musical Journey earlier this summer, it’s been amazing to see the number of fun musical opportunities that have presented themselves to us. Of course, I’m checking out local theaters for their latest shows; but there are other fun things that seem to be cropping up as well.

A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail from Fathom Events, listing all their upcoming events. One of them just happened to be a Sing-a-Long version of Grease that was going to be showing at a local movie theater.

Grease is special to me. I was 8 when the movie hit the big screen the first time around. I remember my parents went to see it. They got me the soundtrack (a 2-record set); which I still have to this day. I listened to those records over and over again. Fast forward many, many years later . . . we found the movie on a special edition VHS and added it to our family movie library. Of course, we no longer have a VCR around here; but, thankfully, we can watch Grease via Netflix streaming!

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