Rubba Ducks have made a Splash in Disney Springs!! (+ Giveaway)

By Terri

Introducing Rubba Ducks®!

Hold onto your tail feathers!! Disney’s got some new ducks in town… Rubba Ducks!! Found within the Boathouse Restaurant gift shop in Disney Springs, Rubba Ducks are the ONLY non-Disney item you’ll find. Founded in 1997, Rubba Ducks were the first line of rubber duck toys whose design portrays personality, careers, hobbies and interests. From policeman to animal lovers to runners and to coffee-lovers (and so many more), there’s sure to be a Rubba Duck that portrays you or a loved one – young or old! So the next time you’re in Disney Springs, waddle into the Boathouse gift shop and buy yourself a Rubba Duck or two (they make excellent gifts for others too!)


I was so excited to receive Mr. Quack Craft and Mrs. Quack Craft (hehehe… likely named after the Chris-Craft boats) which are two of the three Rubba Ducks that are EXCLUSIVELY sold at the Boathouse gift shop. (Thank you Rubba Ducks!!) Mr. Quack Craft sports his captains hat and uniform, sails in a mahogany craft, and even has a nautical tattoo on his tail feathers. Mrs. Quick Craft comes dressed in her classic hair scarf, large sunglasses and sports her own tattoo as well!

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