Gracie’s Junior Year

By Heidi

This. This is what happens when you allow your just-turned-4-year-old to start kindergarten. You blink twice, she turns 15, and her Junior Year is beginning!

For the past few years, I’ve tried to encourage Gracie to let me include a gap year in her schooling, but she’s always resisted. Considering that, after this year, she’ll be only 1-2 credits short of being able to graduate, I’m guessing she’s right and it’s not really necessary. (Not for her, anyway!) Lucky for me, she’s a major over-achiever, so her Senior Year will be just as full as this one (I’m sure).

So, now that I’m done babbling about how quickly my baby girl is growing up, here are our curriculum choices for this school year:


I have to admit that it was hard to come up with something for Bible this year that would top last year’s choice. We used Apologia’s curriculum that accompanies the book I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist. Gracie said that, out of all her subjects last year, that one was the most practical and she felt she got the most out of it. How can you top …read more

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