The Boathouse in Disney Springs

By Doug Spence We’ve had the pleasure of eating and drinking at one of the newest restaurants in Disney Springs, The Boathouse. We’ve walked in right off the street and sat at the bar and at the surrounding first come first serve tables. We’ve had reservations a couple times and one time even walked up and got a table immediately. At first the Disney Dining app did not allow for reservations, however it does now.
Our first experience was somewhat intimidating. The atmosphere is amazing, even if you’re not a nautical person. Each wall is decorated with some sort of miniaturized boat, a full size boat engine, some sort of propeller or part of a boat or ship. Outside are multiple boats, most of which are ‘art work’ and not meant for use. Two boats are for hire and offer champagne and strawberry cruises around the lake. We have not taken advantage of this yet but plan to. Boathouse also has the amphicars for hire and the price was $125 for an hour (with a captain), however I believe this price has been reduced recently.These half boat half car machines are really cool to see, …read more

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