Ian’s 4th Grade Year

By Heidi

And just like that, my baby is in 4th grade!

Ian has been the child that has challenged me the most in our homeschooling journey. He just really doesn’t have any interest in school. And, honestly, I don’t get it – he has so much potential. But, I’ve had to make so many adjustments over the years. And, for the most part, we’ve ended up taking more of an unschooling approach for the past several years.

When it came time for required PA 3rd grade testing this past Spring, I have to admit that I was a bit nervous. But, he passed with flying colors!

This year, I’m feeling pretty confident that I’ve finally chosen a combination of curriculum that is going to work for him. We’re working on Week 4 here; and so far, so good.


Math has been the biggest challenge for me over the years. Because Ian can’t really stand sitting down and doing a TON of workbook-type exercises, I feel like I’ve lost him when it comes to math. After a LOT of research this year, and looking at lots of options at convention, I finally …read more

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