Laurie Visits Planet Hollywood

By Tabitha

People go to Planet Hollywood for the theme, atmosphere, artifacts, and overall experience. The restaurant would not be the same without the television screens, guests walking through the restaurants, loud music, and overall high noise level. The zebra print carpet that continues up the wall, wood tables topped with tablecloths, booths, and decor remind me of 1940’s and 1950’s supper clubs. The walls are covered with memorabilia and the ceilings have vehicles, motorcycles, and spacecraft hanging overhead.

The major issues are noise and a lack of a special diets friendly menu. I was alright with the volume but some guests might be uncomfortable by it. The lights are dimmed but not too much. Some guests, like myself, might not like being surrounded by the videos. I wanted to turn off the images of gyrating women on a video. The seating was spaced enough but twice they parked couples in the middle of the room instead of along the wall. Those couples were in the main traffic path so they were constantly passed by guests and staff while there was an empty table that gave guests privacy. I would rather be along the wall than having food and guests going past me.

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