A Very Dapper Girls Getaway….the FOOD!

By Amanda Really it’s what you’ve been waiting for right? For me to share with you all the yummy goodness of our trip? Well this trip will henceforth be known as the trip of NEW experiences!! We try and make these “work” trips once a year, without husbands or kids in tow. We take tons of photos and try to experience things we haven’t done before, all for the sake of education. Let’s jump right in and talk about our dining selections!

Due to Food and Wine Festival we have opted to do things a bit differently and skip the dining plan. We are going to be trying a variety of table service, counter service and food booths and will be sharing A LOT, all for the sake of education. I know…we have it rough!!

Our 2nd EPCOT day will be spent sampling everything that the festival has to offer. To maximize our tummies and our minimize our wallets we’ll be buying the new Sampler Package:
Custom credential with 8 entitlement tabs for food or beverage items of your choice at over 30 Food & Wine Festival Global Marketplaces (some exclusions may apply and will be listed on the credential)Priority seating …read more

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