Simple Grace Magazine for Women

By Heidi

Do you read magazines? In the past, I’ve subscribed to a number of different magazines. Currently, the only two I subscribe to are Birds & Blooms (I’m a wannabe birder and flower gardener) and Celebrations Magazine (because, duh! Disney!) And I subscribe to the PRINT version of both, because I still love to hold a magazine (or a book) in my hands and flip the pages. Call me “old fashioned” if you want to – I’ll wear the name with pride!

Recently, I was told about a new magazine for Christian women called Simple Grace. In exchange for simply checking it out, I was gifted with a free one-year subscription. And let me tell you, I am really enjoying this little publication.

About Simple Grace

Simple Grace was created from the desire to seek God’s heart on a daily basis; the core of the magazine is a short, daily devotional that addresses the everyday problems we all face —plus it has content that all of us can relate to including interviews with well-known personalities and a media guide.

It’s a digest-sized magazine, making it portable, personal, and perfect for daily devotions.

Carol Brooks, whose prior roles included positions …read more

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